The Step Free option uses all modes where it is possible for a step-free journey to be undertaken, both with and without assistance. It includes buses and coaches that have access ramps fitted that would enable a wheelchair user to access the vehicle unaided, or vehicles with lifts. It includes step-free tram and light rail stations, and underground stations that are step free from street to vehicle. It also includes rail (stations and services) and coach, where you should book in advance to ensure staff are available to help you to board and alight a vehicle, and to secure a wheelchair space where required.
The Staff Assistance option should be used if you require staff assistance on your journey, but not a step-free journey. This option includes any stations and stops where staff assistance is provided, as well as places where assistance may only be available on the vehicle, rather than at the station or stop. Please note you should always book assistance at National Rail stations at least 24 hours in advance.
Pick both Step Free and Staff Assistance to plan a journey using a network of step-free accessible transport that can be accessed by a wheelchair user, and where staff assistance is also available. It includes rail and coach services and a limited set of underground stations that are step free from street to vehicle. It does not include the bus network, or tram and light rail services, where no staff assistance is available.